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Data Center Electrical Cutover services while installing new equipment must be performed by an experienced professional.

electrical cutover services performed by a data center electrician

Even licensed individuals that try to manage such a complicated process with little knowledge of the internal workings of the data center equipment create a risky result. Much liability can be created by hiring individuals not experienced in data center electrical cutover services.

The installation of data center equipment such as UPS Systems, ATS, Switchgear, (PDU) Power Distribution Systems can be highly volatile if the operator or installation contractor does not have experience with those systems. There are automatic controls within many of these systems which force them to shut down if conditions aren’t exact. The understanding of the systems and how they work together is called “coordination”. Coordination between the UPS System, the Generator, the ATS, and the downstream loads is required or they will simply not work together. If you do not have fall back paths or understand this you could drop your data center load. Or during cutover, transfer to a system that will not work.

A data center cutover event on a live system is complicated and intricate. Many times a customer is replacing a failed UPS that is in line with other equipment such as an existing Generator and ATS. Or a power distribution system is sought out to replace an antiquated breaker system. First our team will analyze the system to find out if it’s possible for a live cutover. If possible, provide a road map to convert the old system to the new.

An installation method of procedure is developed to oversee the complicated process to physically perform a live data center cutover. Our team identifies all systems, and builds a coordination profile of the systems working together prior to the customer purchasing any new equipment.

FGCC is an experienced team that is used to working in live mission critical facilities and understand the proper procedures for live data center electrical or mechanical cutover services. We ensure a safe, clean and efficient project.

Data Center Cutover Services

  • Data Center UPS System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center PDU System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center Generator System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center ATS Controls System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center Electrical System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center Mechanical System live installation / cutover
  • Data Center Rack Power Distribution live installation / cutover

If the live cutover data center project is data center equipment swap out, FGCC can oversee the installation of new generator, UPS, HVAC, PDU, and all other electrical and mechanical systems. The coordination of new equipment cutover, plan for removal and installation with lowest impact on loads and the facility is something FGC Construction team specializes in.

FGC Construction is an experienced team that is used to working in live mission critical facilities and understand the proper procedures for working in specific areas of a facility.

Please contact one of our FGC Construction Team of professionals today to assist in your upcoming Live Electrical Cutover project.

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  • FGC Construction installed an entire megawatt of UPS and generator upgrade to our 3d Printing facility. This holds our power stable and provides unlimited runtime. Much appreciated!

    Lee M.COO - Boston, MA
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