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custom DATA CENTER Construction

Best in class for equipment purchasing channels data center construction management.

FGC Construction has extensive experience with all sized data center projects. Our professional team is focused on your project requirement, budget, and outcome.

We work in all 48 contiguous US States.

Our Construction Management Professional team is able to provide new data center construction, existing site conversion to data center, and larger projects 5,000SF to 100,000SF. Our teams of Project Managers are Electrical and Mechanical Professionals who perform installations for all types of data center support equipment such as UPS Systems, Generators, to full data center expansions. Our team is experienced to complete any request for individual systems swap outs or upgrades. Today’s data center customer typically owns a facility that is either aging and needs updates, or is converting part of an existing building into more data space. FGC Construction provides a nimble platform for customers to complete those projects large and small. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency installations, crypto mining farms require lots of power and cooling. Our teams are experienced to install the most efficient power distribution system and cooling solution for all applications. Please click on this section and see project sizes and cost magnitudes.

FGC Construction’s extensive experience with all sized projects in the recent data center industry, provides us a wealth of knowledge to estimate your concepts in a short period of time. Getting a quick estimate provides you the ability to make magnitude decisions as you approach the project. Overall, our goals during the estimating process are the same goals as our customers, understanding the costs associated with the project, while finding ways to achieve more value out your investment. We take your ideas and needs regarding power systems, redundancies, mechanical systems, interests in PUE outcomes, Tier standards, and apply an estimating process so you can see multiple outcomes and options.

FGC Construction sits on the side of the “owner” or operator. This allows customers to retain tighter controls on the processes of vendor selection, equipment technology selection, quality control, GC activity, and overall oversight of the project. Creative contracts such as our “Cost Plus Contract” for data center construction provides owners a way to bypass traditional reseller channels and markups. Alternative to a GC run project, FGC Construction provides a platform for the customer to see weekly progress and make PO and Change Order Decisions as we go. FGC Construction oversees the management of the trades without ownership getting pulled into the construction process, and allows ownership to remain and oversight part of the process. All customers learn during the process, and most certainly have different perspectives during and post-project. This process allows them to enact changes during project completion. Click through to learn more about “Owner Representation” for data center construction.

FGC Construction is your team to manage the data center process from design, engineering, technical selection, construction and commissioning. We provide exceptional construction management services with a focus on getting you into your facility in a timely fashion, while achieving your important technical objectives. Throughout this process, FGC Construction maintains a clear channel of communication with the customer while navigating through the challenging demands of construction. With our deep understanding of the key elements to a successful data center, we can ensure your facility is built to industry leading standards from the ground up. Our nationwide team of engineers, project managers, equipment consultants, commissioning agents and other supporting staff members are ready to take on your next project. Whether it’s a new data center buildout or modifications to an existing facility, we’re your trusted source for getting you to the finish line of your next project.

A Data Center Construction budget is a complicated process that requires a thorough understanding of data center design principles to ensure the budget isn’t understated, and considerable change orders are need to complete the project. No one wants to over-promise and under deliver on a job. Working with customer needs and wants while providing real life cost estimates allows the customer to see those magnitudes and make important decisions early on in the process. This is of key value as many customers will seek out an engineer to develop systems scenarios, and this process can be expensive. Understanding customer characteristics such as rack density, redundancy requirements, current and future load capacity requirements, allows us to develop concepts for the customer to get to a total budget estimate quicker. FGC Construction will work with an existing customer budget and provide value engineering where needed. We partner in the process until the project and budget come together.

It’s important to understand that FGC is not a General contractor but an owner’s representative. This means our interests align with the ownership team and not the contractor team. Although the General Contractor is a key member of the construction team they can lack Data Center knowledge that FGC construction brings to the project. We partner with local General Contractors so they can manage in state licensed subcontractors that understand local code requirements and FGC can oversee the Data Center Contractors direct. Especially if they are a commercial based firm that provides good pricing but does not have Data Center experience. We are able to partner with more cost competitive GC options as opposed to large Data Center GC firms that command higher fee and general conditions needed to cover overhead. Typically GCs will charge fees based on contractor’s costs and our role as the owner’s representative is to review all bids with the GC to ensure the budget is protected and the contractor is experienced. Our value is our experience as a Data Center Construction firm and our ability oversees the entire project in a cost effective manner.

MEP Engineering for a data center project is a required activity. It is integral to the process to the data center construction process.

Starting the engineering process early prior to estimating and concepts can be costly and you end up moving in different directions at a high cost.

A proper concept and estimating phase, while rolling engineering into the budget many times is the best process.

MEP Data Center Engineering solidifies the concepts the CM and customer have developed during estimating. It provides the roadmap to bid out all the trades. It also provides guidance on all the technical selections and how equipment will work together.

A good data center MEP Engineering group on board is essential to the successful outcome of a data center project. FGCC has several MEP Engineering companies it works with nationally to complete customer projects.

Data Center Engineering Process:

  • Confirm power distribution to a solid plan
  • Confirm mechanical systems to a solid plan
  • Confirming capacities and abilities of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Plan, draw customer rack distribution, power delivery and circuit management
  • Plan, draw customer mechanical delivery
  • Plan, draw transformer to rack one-lines
  • Plan, draw switchgear breaker schedule
  • Execute on drawing Raised floor, top down cooling, isolating hot/cold aisle, chimney systems
  • Identify and translate local code practices to plan for all trades

Please contact one of our FGC Construction Team of professionals today to discuss how Engineering relates to your upcoming project.

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  • FGC Construction installed an entire megawatt of UPS and generator upgrade to our 3d Printing facility. This holds our power stable and provides unlimited runtime. Much appreciated!

    Lee M.COO - Boston, MA
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