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We sit on the side of the “owner” or operator.

FGC directs the selection of trades to complete the project on behalf of the customer. This allows customers to retain tighter controls on the processes of vendor selection, equipment technology selection, quality control, GC activity, and overall oversight of the project. FGC Construction reports weekly to the owner.

Alternative to GC run project. Many times if you choose a General Contractor, you will get an up-front estimate, not to exceed, or gross maximum price to build your center. You then have limited control over outcomes between start and finish. The GC will run the timelines, make decisions on equipment that you may or may not agree with. Contractually the project will be completed, but it most likely isn’t a constant interactive process as our system is. FGC Construction oversees the management of trades without ownership getting pulled into the construction process, but allows ownership to remain close to the process.

Reasons to maintain control during your Data Center Construction

  • Equipment decisions that can effect PUE or efficiency later, higher operational costs
  • Rack, density decisions, that not all GC groups will understand. Ultimate use of the facility
  • Access controls, operations, egress, entry decisions
  • Aesthetics, lighting, feature upgrades
  • Layered reseller channels during procurement, cost controls

Cost-Plus Data Center Contract

For larger projects FGC Construction provides a Cost-Plus Contract format. This allows the customer to check off during the project weekly on the budget, decisions being made, approve changes, and develop the end product as the project progresses. This is beneficial as the customer learns more about the project over time, they will want different technologies, layouts, and systems. All customers learn during the process, so they most certainly have different perspective during and later in the project as they did in the beginning. This process allows them to enact changes during the process.

Cost-Plus Data Center Construction Format Benefits

  • Budget control
  • Approval/Change Order Control
  • Technology Selections (Improve Facility during project)
  • Direct Procurement (Use distribution channels to procure equipment)
  • Team involvement, detail data floor plan to use
  • Develop operations and controls systems choices for use

Direct Procurement Channel under Cost Plus Format

FGC Construction is a channel distributor for many large lines of Electrical and Mechanical components. Therefore our cost plus customers have access to cost level below the reseller market rates. A publicly bid, or GC handled project will most likely flow through traditional procurement resellers or subcontractors. This will produce layers of margin or cost increases on the project which could be avoided.

Get on the right side of the channels for best prices of industry critical equipment components.

We work with you to Design your Data Center Facility

Many data centers have all the same components. But most users have a need to customize the facility based on their customer base, or their own use. FGC Construction works with the end user for all the features and benefits it seeks for the final product.

Features to discuss with FGC Construction

  • How many meet-me-rooms and what are best locations
  • What PUE are we trying to meet, what is long term goal for loads
  • What entry, egress or customer experience are we trying to achieve
  • What redundancies are required for certain customers, can we have varied redundancies in future

It is very much an “inside-out approach,” starting with the data racks and moving out for electrical and mechanical, as well as an “outside-in” approach, determining Utility Service capacity, overall power, and mechanical distribution and size. The successful project matches those two perspectives together so that the facility is maximized for power and cooling, and the delivery to racks is as efficient as possible.

Please contact one of our FGC Construction Team of professionals today to help with your upcoming project.

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  • FGC Construction installed an entire megawatt of UPS and generator upgrade to our 3d Printing facility. This holds our power stable and provides unlimited runtime. Much appreciated!

    Lee M.COO - Boston, MA
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