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We are not a general contractor, but an owner’s representative.

This means our interests align with the ownership team and not the contractor team. It’s important to understand that FGC is not a General contractor, but an owner’s representative.

Although the General Contractor is a key member of the construction team they can lack Data Center knowledge that FGC construction brings to the project. We partner with local General Contractors so they can manage instate licensed subcontractors that understand local code requirements and FGC can oversee the Data Center Contractors direct. Especially if they are a commercial based firm that provides good pricing but does not have Data Center experience. We are able to partner with more cost-competitive GC option as opposed to large Data Center GC firms that command higher fees and general conditions needed to cover overhead.

Examples of GC Sub Contracted Trades

  • Concrete
  • Excavation
  • Mason
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Office Build Out
  • Steel

Data Center contractors that FGC will oversee directly, saving fee and providing value.

Examples of Data Center Contractors

  • Electrical Contractor
  • Mechanical Contractor
  • Fire Suppression
  • Access Controls
  • Video surveillance

Typically GCs will charge fees based on contractors costs and our role as the owner’s representative is to review all bids with the GC to ensure the budget is protected and the contractor is experienced. Our value is experience as a Data Center Construction firm and our ability oversee the GC and entire project in a cost effective manner.

Alternative to GC run project. Many times if you choose a General Contractor, you will get an up-front estimate, not to exceed, or gross maximum price to build your center. You then have limited control over outcomes between start and finish. The GC will run the timelines, make decisions on equipment that you may or may not agree with. Contractually the project will be completed, but it most likely isn’t a constant interactive process as our system is.

FGC Construction provides general contractor management to ensure that the everyday questions in the field are answered responsibly. Our teams experience and understanding of the big picture allows us to provide guidance on items that aren’t written out word for word in the project plans. Because let’s face it, no project is designed in such detail that there aren’t any questions during construction.

Some of the benefits of FGC Construction management of general contractors are:

  • Focus understanding of costs, avoid large General Construction budgets
  • Long term cost savings, less chance for failures to occur down the road
  • Reduced engineering costs by minimizing RFI’s
  • Better customer representation allowing customer to weigh in on construction decisions
  • Pre/Post construction support
  • Project supervision at reduced costs
  • Focus investment dollars toward critical components

Every day during construction, decisions are made that can easily compromise the overall robustness of a data center.

The longevity of the facility needs to be considered in every decision throughout the course of construction. If not, the result could be a catastrophic failure, costly augmentation, or incorrect operation of the data center.

Please contact one of our FGC Construction Team of professionals today to help with your upcoming project.

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  • FGC Construction installed an entire megawatt of UPS and generator upgrade to our 3d Printing facility. This holds our power stable and provides unlimited runtime. Much appreciated!

    Lee M.COO - Boston, MA
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