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Data Center Automation and Electrical Control Systems are what drive the reliability and efficiency of your data center facility.

Many facilities aren’t getting the most out of their equipment due to a lack of controls and automation, or even due to errors in programming. Investing in these systems can quickly save you money in annual operating costs and also save you from catastrophic failures with real-time alarm systems. Whether it’s a Building Management System (BMS), Building Automation System (BAS), Data Center Infrastructure Management System (DCIM), we can help you establish a robust control and automation system that allows you to sit back and relax. Need more reasons why? Here’s a small list of the numerous benefits of data center control and automation systems.

electrical control system
  1. Lower your monthly electrical bill with improved efficiency in power usage
  2. Avoid disasters such as overloading equipment with a system of real-time preventative alarms
  3. Improve visibility of your assets and allow for better future planning
  4. Allow better transparency to customers of their equipment and the environment they reside in with remote access
  5. Minimize the chance of human error by reducing the need for manual operations
  6. Extend the lifetime of your equipment through automated cycling of redundant systems
  7. Increase consistency of your record logging and preventative maintenance programs

FGC Construction has extensive experience with Data Center Controls Systems. Our team is used to working in live mission critical facilities and understand the proper procedures for working in specific areas of a facility.

Please contact one of our FGC Construction Team of professionals today to assist in your upcoming Controls Systems Project.

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